Aaron M. Wood

Teacher/Choreographer/Mixed-Media Designer

The Genius of the Crowd

We are each experts of our own life stories. Our bodies serve as the physical repository of our lived narratives. The book of our humanhood includes chapters in relationships, service, work, education, gender identity, citizenship, social beliefs, political ideologies, religion, sexuality, and many additional essays. While we each have our own unique experience with regards to these chapters, there is one common experience, and that happens to be the human experience; our humanhood. Inspired by "Men in the Cities" by artist Robert Longo and the words from poet Charles Bukowski's "The Genius of the Crowd", this contemporary dance piece is an evocative illustration of group allegiance and self-compromise.

Dancers: Ashley Rivera, Isabelle Talbert, Sharleen Van Patten with Lyllandra Doelitzsch, Kylee Guidry, and Amanda Stubblefield

Soundscore created by: Aaron M. Wood with music from Mike Wall "Hold Still", "Rapa", "Heavens Dust", Hecq "Lost", and Charles Bukowski "The Genius of the Crowd."

Multi-Media: Aaron M. Wood

Video Recording: Pocatello Community Media

Posted by Aaron on March 14, 2017 at 12:47 AM 1938 Views