Aaron M. Wood

Teacher/Choreographer/Mixed-Media Designer

- passionately fearless -

Living in a day and age where reality tv shows, various social medias, and downward gazing to cell phones seem to be our mainstream forms of entertainment, it is a rarity that we give ourselves the opportunity to indulge and experience the many facets of art. I believe art allows us a lens through which we can express, explore, and develop our truths.

As an artist my central focus has been on utilizing modern dance as a medium for gay awareness. My works deal with themes of gender identification, objectification of the body, sexual orientation, and self-identity. I believe art grants a mutually shared experience of humanity. It is from this experience that a conscious acknowledgment and appreciation of difference and similarity may be celebrated.

I feel very fortunate to have modern dance as my medium of expression. I am a believer in human rights and equality for all. As an art maker it is my responsibility to give voice where voice has been muted. Dance and gay advocacy are my passions and work simultaneously with one another; one can't help but to feed the other. As artists we are never off-duty and I strive to, as Gandhi once said "be the change you wish to see in the world." The way I practice in the studio is the way I practice my life: passionately fearless.